Sunday, January 27, 2013

Street Battle for the VIC-20

Name: Street Battle
Author: Ghislain
Released: January 27, 2013 (originally made in 1993)
Requirements: Unexpanded VIC-20 + Disk Drive.
Description: A simple street fighting game.

I must have made dozens of ASCII fighting games on the VIC-20 back in the day. So I made one that was somewhat complete with actual graphics, but I never properly finished it until now.

To play, you use the function keys to perform jump, punch, kick and dodge against various enemies.



Sunday, January 13, 2013

Olympic Dash for the VIC-20

Name: Olympic Dash
Author: Ghislain
Released: January 13, 2013 (originally programmed in 1996)
Requirements: Unexpanded VIC-20 + Joystick + Disk Drive.
Description: A proof-of-concept for a track and field action game. The 100 meter dash was the only event that has been programmed so far.

As I continue to resurrect my lost VIC-20 games, I bring you "Olympic Dash". I had made an ASCII 100 meter dash and javelin throw event-based game back in 1988 and me and my friends spent many an afternoon mashing the joysticks trying to beat each other's records. In 1996, I had made several graphics for a multi-event track and field game (in the same vein as Epyx's "Summer Games" and Konami's "Track and Field"), but I had only ever programmed the 100 meter dash event and putting it aside so I could finish programming it at a future date.

So instead of pondering and mulling over for another 17 years to finish the other events, I decided to make a splash screen, instructions menu and mock screenshots of the unfinished events packaged around the 100 meter event--just to finally put it out now. Despite it being a single-event game, it is still playable. Just use your imagination as to how the other events that I wanted to program would be like.