Monday, March 13, 2017

Coming Soon (Hopefully): REALMS OF QUEST V

I've been away from the online VIC-20 community for the past few years, but I have been mulling over what I'd like to do for a new Realms of Quest game. Some of the features that I have in mind are:

-32K RAM expansion required (lesser expansion modes will not be supported this time around)
-multiple disk sides (will play on a single disk drive, but to avoid excessive disk swapping the game works best on an SD card reader or 2 disk drives)
-hundreds of monster, character and scenery portraits (44*88 multicolor pixels)
-16 player races and 16 player classes
-A party can have up to 10 player characters (I think this would be a record for 8 bit RPGs)
-printed game manual and box
-game music
-An overland map that exceeds the Ultima IV world in terms of size
-cities to explore and townspeople to talk to (possibly).

More details here:

Sunday, August 28, 2016

I Used To Draw Spider-Man Comics

From 1987 to 1994, I drew 61 issues of my very own Spider-Man comic book series when I was a teenager.  I would look at the artwork from comics and draw my own stories and sometimes borrowing from the actual stories in the real comic books with a few modifications of my own.

This is issue #59 (1992) which is largely based on the Amazing Spider-Man #3 with some plot elements that deviate from the original.  Considering that a lot of the dialogue was written by Stan Lee himself, I had this comic book autographed by "The Man" himself at the Calgary Comic Expo in 2012.

I might consider scanning the rest of the series, but the earlier issues are not as good and it wasn't until issue 55 or so where I started to come on my own.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Realms of Quest IV...Commercial Release is now available.

Name: Realms of Quest IV (Official Release)
Author: Ghislain
Released by Psytronik on: January 19, 2014
Requirements: 16K/24K VIC-20 (for Realms IV), Unexpanded VIC-20 (for Realms I+II) and Commodore 64 (for Ultimate Quest: Catacomb). A disk drive is also required.


The adventure continues in Realms of Quest IV where you assemble a group of heroes to do battle against the mysterious Time Lords inside the Dungeon. Thus befalls you, brave adventurer, to accept the challenge and venture forth into the labyrinth below to ensure that evil and chaos do not rise. If you can survive the perils that await beneath, there lay riches, glory and the immortality of your name.

Realms of Quest IV Features:

• 10 Dungeon Levels which have been designed by hand with numerous rooms, secret passages, riddles and traps to traverse and overcome.
• 10 races and 12 classes to choose from to create 8 players for your party.
• You will meet other heroes to help and guide you during your quest.
• Over 100 unique graphical portraits that depict the various monsters that you'll encounter as you travel throughout the Dungeon.
• Over 135 types of equipment to represent weapons, armor, gems, jewelry, potions, scrolls and miscellaneous magical items.
• 60 magic spells that you can cast.
• 3 game fonts to choose from.
• A 16 page printed instruction manual is also included.

All of this for your Commodore VIC-20, a disk drive and 16K of expansion memory. 24K is recommended as it features reduced disk loading times, an improved 3D graphical perspective and game music.

Side two features the Special Anniversary Editions of Realms of Quest I & II for the Unexpanded VIC-20. Also featured is the long-awaited Ultimate Quest: Catacomb for the Commodore 64 - originally created in 1989, now finally completed.

You can obtain a copy of Realms of Quest IV from Psytronik.

Discuss here viewtopic.php?f=10&t=6350

Monday, October 14, 2013

Vintage 1989 CRPG Ultimate Quest is finally available 24 years later.

Name: Ultimate Quest: Catacomb
Author: Reslain
Released: October 14, 2013 (originally created in 1989)
Requirements: Commodore 64 + Disk Drive
Description: Vintage CRPG from 1989 that was almost finished is now finally available.

Me and a friend in high school started programming a computer role playing game for the C64 in 1988. It was ambitious for us at the time; it features a city map, wilderness areas and a dungeon to explore. By mid-1989, while we we had done most of the elements featured in the game that you see here, they were quite disjointed and it was full of bugs. So we abandoned it in a semi-finished state. 24 years after the project had been abandoned, I decided to finally finish it so that it can be part of the upcoming Psytronik release, Realms of Quest IV (for the VIC-20).

All of the maps, graphics and original text have been preserved. The main improvements was debugging the game, making sure that all the elements are properly connected and rewriting the slow BASIC routines to draw the maps on the screen into fast assembly language. A new splash screen to introduce the game was created, and it will be included in Psytronik release.

The instructions on how to play can be read from the main menu.



Sunday, September 1, 2013

Realms of Quest IV: 4-Level Demo Version... is now available

Name: Realms of Quest IV: 4-Level Demo Version
Author: Ghislain
Released: September 1, 2013
Requirements: VIC-20 with 16K minimum memory expansion is required. 24K is recommended for better performance (for less disk usage) and greater 3D graphical perspective. A disk drive is also required.
Description: Demo version of the upcoming Psytronik release for Realms of Quest IV where the first four levels of the dungeon can be explored. The attached PDF manual is still a work in progress, but serves as a preview of how the printed version will look like when the whole game package is published.

The long-awaited follow-up to Realms of Quest III is almost completed. As I continue work on finishing Ultimate Quest for the Commodore 64 (intended to be on Side 2 of this Psytronik release), I make the first four Dungeon levels available to everyone.

Realms of Quest IV has the following features:

  • 10 Dungeon Levels with various riddles, traps and NPC characters who can aid you on your quest (4 levels only for Demo Version)
  • Over 100 monster graphic portraits (50 in Demo Version)
  • 10 races and 12 classes to choose from as you assemble 8 players for your party
  • 60 magic spells
  • Over 135 items (weapons, armor, shield, gems, jewels, potions and scrolls)
  • 3 game fonts to choose from
The enemy this time are the mysterious Time Lords who threaten the reign of the fairer creatures above the earth. Befalls thus you, brave adventurers, to battle the labyrinth below all our feet, and ensure for yet another generation, that the evils and chaos do not rise. How it can be so, that this peace last forever, none knows. All one knows, is in the Dungeon, lay riches, glory and the immortality of your name. 




Friday, August 16, 2013

*NEW* Psytronik Release: THEATER OF WAR


Psytronik and System IIII present the THEATER OF WAR TRILOGY for the Unexpanded VIC-20. This game lets you recreate battles from the First or Second World War.

This commercial release includes 12 games and programs: Theater of War I, Theater of War II, Theater of War III, Break-Fast II, Face VS Heel, magiTOOL, Olympic Dash, Space Warz, Street Battle, VICroLeague Wrestling I, VICroLeague Wrestling II and Worm-Out.

You can obtain a copy of Theater of War from Psytronik.

Game can be discussed here.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Work in Progress: REALMS OF QUEST IV

I've been at work these past few weeks on Realms of Quest IV for the Commodore VIC-20.  I've planned the following features and constraints for this project:

  • 8 character party
  • 10 races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Hobbit, Gnoll, Gnome, Kobold, Ogre, Orc, Sprite
  • 12 classes: Fighter, Wizard, Priest, Thief, Bard, Lord, Monk, Sage, Ninja, Paladin, Peasant, Ranger
  • Aging will be a factor
  • The weaker class/race characters will tend to advance in levels quicker than those stronger class/race characters. So an Ogre Peasant will level up a lot faster than an Elf Lord.
  • There won't be any race restrictions for classes, as long as the requirements are met, you can create any character you like. You can have a Gnoll Wizard if you like
  • The adventure will take place in a 10 level dungeon that will be designed by hand (instead of being procedurally generated like in Realms 2 and 3) with various puzzles and pitfalls. There will even be NPCs that you will encounter along the way.
  • 3 rows of monsters during combat
  • 60 Wizard and Priest spells 
  • It will be a Wizardry-style dungeon crawler which shows 64x64 pixel images at the upper left corner of the screen.

The system requirements will be 16KB RAM Expansion + Disk Drive. I will try to use up as much of the 170KB disk that the game takes place in.

I will mostly post updates and document my progress on the VIC-20 Denial forum here: