Monday, October 14, 2013

Vintage 1989 CRPG Ultimate Quest is finally available 24 years later.

Name: Ultimate Quest: Catacomb
Author: Reslain
Released: October 14, 2013 (originally created in 1989)
Requirements: Commodore 64 + Disk Drive
Description: Vintage CRPG from 1989 that was almost finished is now finally available.

Me and a friend in high school started programming a computer role playing game for the C64 in 1988. It was ambitious for us at the time; it features a city map, wilderness areas and a dungeon to explore. By mid-1989, while we we had done most of the elements featured in the game that you see here, they were quite disjointed and it was full of bugs. So we abandoned it in a semi-finished state. 24 years after the project had been abandoned, I decided to finally finish it so that it can be part of the upcoming Psytronik release, Realms of Quest IV (for the VIC-20).

All of the maps, graphics and original text have been preserved. The main improvements was debugging the game, making sure that all the elements are properly connected and rewriting the slow BASIC routines to draw the maps on the screen into fast assembly language. A new splash screen to introduce the game was created, and it will be included in Psytronik release.

The instructions on how to play can be read from the main menu.



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